Algie's House of Refuge Inc.

What We Offer!

Job searches, setting up interviews, resumes, business attire, public transit card for interviews, temporary shelter, food, life insurance, entrepreneurship financing.


In Loving Memory

Algie's House was founded in the memory of my father Algie Lee Crawley, Sr.  My father was a very caring person.  He would give you his last if you needed it and would never ask for it back.  He cared so much for his daughters that he bought a house for each one of us incase we needed some where to live, thus the name Algie's House.  He loved all his children and did what he could for them with what he had.  He didn't have a lot of formal education but he was very smart and loved God.

Both my parents were very loving and caring people and they passed that on to me and that is why I am so excited to carry out my purpose.

Please pray for us that we will do more than we could ask or think for God's people.

I will stay focused on the Path and the Purpose!  If it is to be it is up to me.